The Year Ahead: Our Goals for The Magazine

Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions.  Including, it seems, our magazine. One of the things we’ve both wanted to do with this magazine is to make sure that every single issue is better than the last.  One of the ways we’ve been trying to do that is to raise our pay rate, try to attract authors … Continue reading

Art by C.J. Miozzi

Issue #3 TOC

And, ladies and gents, here is the table of contents for Issue #3, which will be released (God and web hosting sites providing) on January 15th. FICTION “Like Rain from Silver Skies” by Nancy Fulda “Stranded” by Shannon Connor Winward “Matriculation” by Jason Corner “The Goodnight Room” by Rachael Washington POETRY “Breathing Bones” by Peter … Continue reading

Hugo Eligible Stories

If you’ll allow me to be ridiculously selfish for a brief minute, below are a list of short stories originally published in Basement Stories that are eligible to be nominated for the Hugo Awards. I know there are a lot of fabulous short stories out there that were published this year, but if you particularly … Continue reading

The Year in Review

If you had told me, at the beginning of last year, that in a year I’d be the editor of a science fiction magazine, that had already published two issues, that had published fiction by Lavie Tidhar and Megan Arkenberg, and was about to publish stories by Cat Rambo and Nancy Fulda, I probably wouldn’t … Continue reading

Nonfiction – We Need It

Out of the submissions we get, probably seventy percent are fiction, twenty five percent are poetry, four percent are art, and one percent are nonfiction. We really want to publish some nonfiction with this next issue. Articles in science fiction and fantasy magazines are often insightful, interesting, and educational in ways that articles in your … Continue reading

News from Basement Stories land

We’ve been less than timely with our replies (and less than dilligent with this blog!) and for that, I apologize. Carol and I have some big plans for the next issue (more info coming soon), and we’ve gotten more submissions than we could ever have imagined. Thanks to all of you for sending us your … Continue reading

A Change to Payrates

Attention All! For Issue Three onwards (sorry Issue Two contributors), we’re increasing our pay rates. Can we afford to? No, not really. But hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. This is sort of an experiment (essentially, an experiment to see if our bank accounts can take it), so pay rates might dip … Continue reading

A Few Announcements

First of all, thanks to everyone who continues to submit glorious stories to us on a daily basis. We’re having a lot of fun reading the submissions for issue two. We’ve decided that the submissions deadline for issue two is going to be SEPTEMBER Ist. All authors will be contacted with decisions regarding their submissions … Continue reading

Issue One Is Out!

So we’ve finally reached the day. The day when the first issue is out. James and I just posted the last story a couple of minutes ago. Honestly, I’m a little scared to look too closely at anything, lest I discover another error that needs fixing. Expect some updates, and some additional content, in the … Continue reading

Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for issue two! Yes, we’ve finally finished reading, accepting, and rejecting for issue one (which is coming out in just fourteen days), and are ready to read all of your wonderful stories, poems, and articles for our second issue. Some reminders about what we accept: *Fantasy *Science fiction *Short stories *Poems … Continue reading

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