Awesome News from Basement Stories writers

We’ve noticed lately that a lot of the authors who’ve been published in Basement Stories have had a lot of other recent publications that deserve some love.

Megan Arkenberg (“Hieronymus”, #2) recently had her fantasy novelette “The Summer King” published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Read it (for FREE! ) here.

RJ Astruc (“Propagation”, #2) has a story in Electric Spec, “Johnny and Babushka,” which is pretty awesome. She’s also got a novella in Wilde Oats called Clockworld, and another story in Phantasmacore. The coolest thing? All three stories are available for free. As you might already know, she also recently had a novel published through Crossed Genres called A Festival of Skeletons.

Erich William Bergmeier (“The Last Man After the War”, #1) is in the newest issue of M-Brane SF.

Rajan Khanna (“Flowing Shapes”,  #1) not only had one of his stories printed in the great The Way of the Wizard anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, but also is having the same story podcasted at Podcastle, and has a story in GUD #6.

Samuel Mae (“Dust Particles”, #1) has stories upcoming in Electric Velocipede and Bards and Sages Quarterly.

Alexandra Seidel (“Wine”, #2) has poetry upcoming in Bull Spec #4, Jack O’ Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy, and Paper Crow.

Lavie Tidhar (“Covenant”, #2) has a new book called  An Occupation of Angels
out from Apex Publications, and is in an upcoming anthology, Bewere the Night, edited by Ekaterina Sedia.

Eliza Victoria (“Incidental Light”, #2) has poetry in the latest issue of Stone Telling and The Houston Literary Review, as well as a story coming up in StoneQuarterly.

If you know of any more good news that we should hear about, let us know, and we’ll put it here.


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