The Year Ahead: Our Goals for The Magazine

Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions.  Including, it seems, our magazine.

One of the things we’ve both wanted to do with this magazine is to make sure that every single issue is better than the last.  One of the ways we’ve been trying to do that is to raise our pay rate, try to attract authors we like, and publicize our availability for submissions. The other is just plain accepting good stories and poems.

Last year, before we even published the first issue, we had a list of goals of what we wanted to do with Basement Stories for the rest of the year, and for five years in the future. We always try, when writing goals, to make sure they’re just slightly unreasonable enough that we have to stretch to reach them.

As every person who’s given up dieting on January 4th knows, a big part of making sure your goals are acctually accomplished is accountability. If you know there are hundreds of people who know about your goals and will totally judge you if you mess them up, then you’re a little less likely to eat that cupcake.

That being said, here are our goals for Basement Stories, in the year ahead:

1. Publish at least four quality issues of speculative fiction and poetry, and publish them ON TIME.

2. Expand the nonfiction aspect of the magazine to include informative and interesting articles, engaging interviews, and clever reviews in every issue.

3. Increase the readership of the magazine through advertising, marketing, and interacting actively with the audience we already have, preferably so that we’re getting around 500 unique hits a week on the website, with a low average bounce rate.

4. Continue to pay our authors semi-professional rates.

5. Find a way to fund the magazine, either through advertising, donation drives, raffles, contests, or selling ebook and print versions of the magazine. (And if you have any ideas in this arena, please leave them in the comments!)

6.Improve our website to make the magazine more readable, and to encourage a reader community.

If you’re a writer – what are your writing goals for this year. If you’re an editor – what goals do you have for your magazine?

One Response to “The Year Ahead: Our Goals for The Magazine”
  1. DED says:

    I’d say that you already did #6. No offense towards the old format, but this is better. 🙂

    Regarding #5: If you’re going to do a print version, make it POD. It’ll save you a major headache on guesstimating the number of copies you’ll need.

    Arkham Tales initially tried advertising in their zine and made it a free pdf to readers. They shut down for a while and came back after they were bought out/partnered with Leucrota Press. I don’t know if they kept up with the advertising as they started charging for each issue. I’m not sure how that’s working for them. The editor is/was Nathan Shumate. You can always try to track him down and ask him for the scoop from the inside.

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