Hugo Eligible Stories

If you’ll allow me to be ridiculously selfish for a brief minute, below are a list of short stories originally published in Basement Stories that are eligible to be nominated for the Hugo Awards. I know there are a lot of fabulous short stories out there that were published this year, but if you particularly loved any of our stories and are a member of Renovation SF (the 69th World Con) or were a member of Aussiecon 4 (the 68th World Con) and would like to toss our name into the hat, that would be beyond wonderful.

Nominations are accepted until March 26th through this form here. Even if you wouldn’t care to nominate any of our stories, if you’re eligible I’d encourage you to nominate something you loved in 2010 for an award. This is one of the easiest ways to make your voice heard in the science fiction community, and the Hugo is one of the most prestigious awards out there. I, personally, will be nominating some of my favorite Doctor Who  episodes (of course), and probably Black Swan as well (that counts as science fiction, right? It totally counts).

Issue One:

Nor Youth Nor Age by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

The VC and Her BFFL by Spencer Koelle

The Last Man After the War by Erich William Bergmeier

Flowing Shapes by Rajan Khanna

You Can Get Anything You Want at Simon’s Place by Gary Cuba

The Passion of the Vampire by Ericka Kahler

The Paper Man Escapes the Great Broken Heart by George Potter

*Dancing Lessons by Aaron Polson is a reprint and so is ineligible, I believe.


Issue Two:

Propagation by RJ Astruc and BV Czopyk

The King of High Places by Peter Damien

Transistional Chords by Ada Hoffman

Incidental Light by Eliza Victoria

Hieronymus by Megan Arkenberg

*Covenant by Lavie Tidhar is, alas, a reprint.

Expect the Issue Three TOC (including our gorgeous cover art) within the next twenty-four hours.



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