Issue One Is Out!

So we’ve finally reached the day. The day when the first issue is out. James and I just posted the last story a couple of minutes ago. Honestly, I’m a little scared to look too closely at anything, lest I discover another error that needs fixing. Expect some updates, and some additional content, in the form of some book and movie reviews and (hopefully, if everything works out) pdf copies of the stories. I considered delaying the release of the issue until we’d gotten the problems with the pdfs and non fiction stuff sorted out, but the non fiction is all staff written and the stories and poems by our authors are much more important.

We’ll also be posting a post-mortem on this baby in a couple of days, with lovely stats and reflections and all that, but for now I think I’m just going to take a wee nap.

Cover art by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein


Dancing Lessons by Aaron Polson
The man was dead and the girl was twelve.

Nor Youth Nor Age by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
We had resorted to variable ageing in desperation. Our son had left us with no money. When the new Progresista government in Portugal threatened to deport Subee back to Bangalore, we had no choice but to disappear. We traded in our youths for new identities, senior discounts and social security pensions. It was the only way to stay together.

The VC and Her BFFL by Spencer Koelle
“Am I dead yet?” Lilly Moore wheezed.

The Last Man After the War by Erich William Bergmeier
The three strangers came up on the deck and skulked in through the door. They were thin and pale and in the harsh light of the kerosene lamp the lines on their faces were as deep as dried up river bed. Clara motioned for them to sit down at the table while Raymond stood rigid in the corner with the handle of the shotgun pressed into his armpit. The man’s eyes moved around the room as he took stock of the empty shelves and the dishes stacked beside the sink. Clara had just finished putting the last of their food in the cellar before the family arrived and Raymond was thankful for that. It meant there would be no trouble.

Flowing Shapes by Rajan Khanna
“Wan She is a path. Not a series of distinct teachings. To step on that path is to begin a journey.”

You Can Get Anything You Want at Simon’s Place by Gary Cuba
“My God, it’s a quantum suicide machine, isn’t it?” I said. “Where’s the trigger?”

The Passion of the Vampire by Ericka Maher
The pain was more intense this time. He swore he could feel every cell tearing apart. Mordecai glanced down. There should be blood, to go with that much pain, but all he saw was a faint twitching in time with his agony. “You haven’t gotten to the painful part yet,” he heard Claudia say.

The Paper Man Escapes the Great Broken Heart by George Potter
Roderick Brown, my office door says Rock n’ Roll Detective.


Life Gone On by WC Roberts
Heat Made Simple forgot to mention
how the flesh drips like a wax dummy
when taken to extremes.

Persephone by Kelsey Willis
Persephone in the middle of the field,
her white arms gathering bright flowers to her,
threading them into vines and
crowns of the earth.

Dust Particles by Samuel Mae
(we crave memories, you and I,
but no longer each other)

Caravan by Marian Lee Sable
Within the moonlit walls and silvery buildings
of the City of Loulan is a diminished oasis
eroding to gray ruin in the cold shock of dawn
balanced on the flip of a coin I find in tumbled stones.

Wings by Edgar Mason
Above the smoking city,
see the clear blue sky.


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