It Is Time

We’ve come to that point in our development as a magazine. The time when we must cast aside the horrible, horrible Web 1.0 website we built in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning, and reach out for help.

Yes, while googling our site, we found that our website has been featured on a “look at how crappy these websites are, we are so much better than them” sort of website, and after I got over my initial rage and embarrassment, I realized that the douchey website reviewers had a point. Our website does suck.  It’s horrible. It’s a disgrace to the internet, and that’s saying something.

And, while I’m working on updating it, I’m so incompetent that that looks like it’s going to take awhile, and my shame is too great to let this website thing rest. If you’d like to help us out with our website, please please email me at with a short summary of your experience in web design and/or samples of your work.  We may be able to pay you a small amount? At some time? Hopefully? But we would be forever in your gratitude.


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