Things You Should Be Reading March 31, 2010

It’s another Hump Day addition of Things You Should Be Written. THe LHC is on and working and we’re all still alive, so let’s celebrate by reading some science fiction news.

The LHC research programme is (finally) underway, says CERN. This is great news for all the particle physicists in the audience, of which I am sure there are many.

A brave, brave man lists what he considers to be The Worst Science Fiction Series. I’m with you on Pern, but don’t knock Asimov, man.

The Guild Issue #1 is out. Written by the always lovely Felicia Day, and based on her award winning web series.

Charlie Jane Anders reminds us that good character development should have an f yeah moment.

The Arthur C. Clarke Award Short List has been announced. I’m rooting for China Mieville.

Scyfilove gives us, in light of the Battlefield Earth writer apologizing for the horrendous script, the top five science fiction apologies we should receive. The movie Knowing was just a little bit unforgivable, though.

And now to our required dose of Doctor Who. Carol is wandering around, stroking her TARDIS piggy bank, hugging her Tom Baker scarf, humming the theme tune under her breath – it’s all very creepy, actually. (You guys think I’m kidding. Oh man, I wish I was kidding.)

Via io9, the episode guide to Season Five is out. Episode Eleven sounds just a little bit fantastic.

Also via io9 (I love those guys), the first images of the new TARDIS interior have emerged. Not that anyone non-British or non-Carol cares, but I think posting this kind of thing is in my contract or something.


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