Things You Should Be Reading March 29, 2010

It’s time for the Monday Afternoon edition of Things You Should Read While You’re Waiting for Basement Stories, Issue #1, Which Will Fulfill All Your Readerly Needs, or TYSRWYWBSIWWFAYRN, for short. Ignore the questions in your inbox and put aside your overdue essays to read some good old science fiction news!

You should read . . . How Do You Organize Your Library? . I love hearing how other people sort their books. My ever growing collection of books is organized by genre, alphabetically by author.  When I lived in a dorm room, I literally had no square inch of shelf space not covered by books, it was ridiculous. But even so, a lot of these people’s collections put me to shame.

You should read . . . from Topless Robot, The Top 20 Nods, Cameos, and Easter Eggs in Alan Moore’s Top Ten. Alan Moore’s kind of notorious for putting in little references to pop, cult, or comic book culture throughout all of his works, which is one of the reasons his stuff is so much fun to read, and to reread.

You should read . . . Strange Horizon’s review of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. N.K. Jemisen’s book has had a lot of hype surrounding it in the past couple of weeks, so it was interesting to read a review.

You should read . . . io9 asks What’s Your SF Blind Spot? Mine is Babylon 5. Never seen it, even though I’ve heard it’s great. THat, and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.  What about you?

You should read . . . about how NASA is protecting us from asteroids, and how you can help them out.

And finally, Carol requires me to say that Doctor Who returns to the BBC on April 3rd, and to BBC America on April 17th. I have to admit, the trailers are kind of exciting.


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