things you should be reading 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s time for the Monday Morning edition ofThings You Should Read While You’re Waiting for Basement Stories, Issue #1, Which Will Fulfill All Your Readerly Needs, or TYSRWYWBSIWWFAYRN, for short. Chase away those Monday morning blues, with our exciting articles!

You should read . . . An Overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2009 by Jeff VanderMeer, from Locus Magazine.

You should read . . . Space Shuttle Can Fly Beyond 2010, if Money is There. Go, NASA, GO! The editors of Basement Stories believe in you!

You should read . . .  For Ninety Grand, You Too Can Own a Jetpack from io9. Oh man. You don’t even need a license. This is either a recipe for disaster, or a recipe for AWESOME.

You should read . . . Why Books Are the Length They Are by Charlie Stross, science fiction author.

You should read . . . The Top Ten Movies that Should Never, Ever Be Converted into 3D from Wired. I really am not behind this whole new turn everything into 3D trend. I never go to see movies in 3D anyway, and it’s got to be a bitch to watch 3D at home or on your computer.

You should read . . . about someone making an Alan Moore fan book, including a little Alan Moore doll, from Bleeding Cool. Also, in the fan book, Alan Moore is a schoolgirl. Oh, Japan, what wonders will you show me next?

And that’s it for today’s TYSRWYWBSIWWFAYRN. Tune in in a couple of days for a new edition. What do you think we should be reading? Leave it in the comments.


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