Things You Should Read While You’re Waiting

It’s Friday morning, and you all know what that means!

Well, no, you don’t, because I just made it up. It means it’s time for this week’s edition of Things You Should Read While You’re Waiting for Basement Stories, Issue #1, Which Will Fulfill All Your Readerly Needs, or TYSRWYWBSIWWFAYRN, for short.

You should read . . . “Superhero Tragedy Porn is Bad for Comics” by the folks over at io9, who talk about superheroic angst, and what it’s good for. (The answer may or may not be absolutely nothing.)

You should read . . . The Guardian’s “Ten Rules For Writing Fiction” series, in case you haven’t been linked to it yet. Writers like Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman weigh in with advice, and we could all use a little advice sometimes.  I particularly like Elmore Leonard’s.)

You should read . . . “All the Anne Franks” by Erik Hoel, which is a terrifyingly good first contact story. It’s a couple of months old, but I never get tired of linking people to that story, seriously. And 2010 is the Year We Make Contact, so everybody take some notes now.

You should read listen to . . . this week’s episode of Drabblecast, a podcast I just gushed about one post ago. Haven’t listened to it, yet, but it should be stunning, flawless, etc.

You should read . . . Six Movie Monsters That Just Wouldn’t Work. I sleep easier knowing that the facehugger from Alien is implausible. Ha ha, not that that movie scared me or anything.

And that’s it for today’s edition of TYSRWYWBSIWWFAYRN! Now tell us, good gentle readerly people, what should we be reading?


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