All right, so me and the other editors were thinking of having a contest for the first issue of Basement Stories. For this contest, we would offer a cash prize (upwards of $150) to one person who sent us the best 2k+ word story. The only thing is, we were also thinking of having an entrance fee (less than $5) for each story submitted, to help cover the cost of the prize. I figured we should ask the writers of you out there first – would you be okay with a fee if you had the chance to win that amount of money? Let us know what you think in the comments, or by emailing

6 Responses to “Contest”
  1. Vicki DeVico says:

    Do you have any guidelines for the types of art you’d like to receive and publish? I would like to submit and it would help to have information, since there are no previous issues to view.

    • jamesdent says:


      Thanks for your interest. We’re pretty open to any kind of medium that an artist would like to send us, but we’re a science fiction and fantasy magazine, so we generally like the art to have some kind of sf and f edge to it. I hope that helps you out.

  2. I speak, or course, only for myself, but the rubric I use for entering contests is: Is the entry fee less than 10% of the lowest cash prize offered. Unless the contest is held by a notable, seasoned name, I pretty much stick to that. Plus, I’m a poor English major living on my writing pittance and scholarship funds.

  3. Oops, typo… hit ‘r’ instead of ‘f’.

  4. Fran Giuffre says:

    I think five bucks is a reasonable fee since it supports a new ezine, always a good rule of thumb. The up-to-6000 words is helpful for those of us who just can’t make that 4000 limit other mags have.

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