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Awesome News from Basement Stories writers

We’ve noticed lately that a lot of the authors who’ve been published in Basement Stories have had a lot of other recent publications that deserve some love. Megan Arkenberg (“Hieronymus”, #2) recently had her fantasy novelette “The Summer King” published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Read it (for FREE! ) here. RJ Astruc (“Propagation”, #2) has … Continue reading

Call for Narrators

We’re looking to podcast some stories from our next couple of issues in the immediate future. I’ve always been a fan of podcasts, as has James, and we’ve wanted to make some for a long time. We’ve finally worked up the nerve to put a few together but have hit a definite snag. You know … Continue reading

STS-133 Launches Tomorrow

For all you NASA fans out there, tomorrow very early in the morning (God, weather, and mission control providing), STS-133 will be launching on an eleven day mission to the ISS to attach a new module to the ISS, perform minor maintenance, and bring supplies to the Station. They’re also bringing a robot called Robonaut-2 … Continue reading

Most Important Short Stories

Everything you read, I think, changes you at least a little bit. But then there are stories, or book, that you read that change the way you think about something, or start a lifelong obsession with some topic or other, or just stay with you, for a very long time. For me, these are those … Continue reading

Issue #3 is Up!

Issue #3 is up and ready to read! Click on the cover to go and get some Basement Stories goodness.

Something Different: Video Games with the Best Story

I’m a fan of video games, but sort of a casual fan. I’m the kind of person who gets sort of intimidated when asked to play Halo, who still plays Left 4 Dead in single player mode because I fear the sugary, underaged wrath of the teenaged boys who (in my mind at least) make … Continue reading

Tuesdays are for Something Different

In the vein of trying to do more with the blog this year, we’re going to dedicate every Tuesday to talking about something out of our usual area of conversation. For James, that means no talking about poetry, for Carol that means no talking about short stories or Doctor Who. Hopefully¬† this will give us … Continue reading

A New Way to Support the Magazine

We’ve just made an Amazon Affiliate store! Hurrah! If you’ve never seen one of these before, here’s how it works. Basically you buy books we’ve put on there (that’s not ours) and we get a percentage of the book price, which is awesome and means we can pay everybody on time for Issue #3. We’ve … Continue reading

Space Saturday: Holy Crap, Another Mars Rover!

Guys, how is this kind of stuff not front page news on every website ever? Did everyone else know about it, and just not me? Somebody’s got to call me next time. There’s going to be another Mars Rover, (or “Mars Space Laboratory”) this one called “Curiosity.”¬† It was named (and this is adorable) by … Continue reading

Space Saturday

In keeping with our general theme, this week, of actually trying to use the actual blog for actual blogging (actually), we’re going to, every Saturday, post an article that’s space related. Because space is awesome and we need to talk about it more. Post anything you’d like us to talk about in particular in the … Continue reading

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